Course Overview

Four virtual courses on the psychology of investing, how to start your portfolio, the best way to save for life’s big moments, and if you should buy into crypto.
Tuesday, Sept 20 | 7:30-8:30pm ET
Minding Your Mindset
Money talks — even if just inside our heads. We’ll explain the psychology of investing and give tips on creating a personal investment strategy.

You'll Learn To:

  • Meet Your Money Personality
  • Get Your Priorities Straight
  • Mind Your Mindset
With Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, Founder of The Fiscal Femme
Tuesday, Sept 20 | 7:30-8:30pm ET
Building Your Portfolio
Build. That. Wealth. We’ll break down asset classes and allocation, do’s and don’ts of long-term investing, and all things retirement.

You'll Learn To:

  • Mind the Gap
  • Time It Right
  • Get Invested
With Farnoosh Torabi, Financial Expert and Editor at Large of CNET Money
Wednesday, Sept 21 | 7:30-8:30pm ET
Investing for Later(ish)
Saving for something down the road? (Think: wedding or higher ed.) We’ll show you how to max that $$$. Your future self says thank you.

You'll Learn To:

  • Dream Big
  • Stay Fluid
  • Get to Know the Long — And Short of It
With Bola Sokunbi, Founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance
Thursday, Sept 22 | 7:30-8:30pm ET
Feeling Crypto FOMO?
From coins to NFTs, everyone’s talking about crypto. We’ll help you decide if crypto is right for you and what to know before investing.

You'll Learn To:

  • Learn the Lingo
  • Take a Vibe Check
  • Be Basic
With Maggie Love, Founder of SheFi

Course Experts

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Founder of The Fiscal Femme

Farnoosh Torabi

Financial Expert and Editor at Large of CNET Money

Bola Sokunbi

Founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance

Maggie Love

Founder of SheFi

About SkimmU

SkimmU is our spin on higher ed, designed to teach you the crucial life lessons your alma mater never did. We Skimm relevant topics (think: money, wellness, crypto, and home buying) during our four-course series, special editions, and workshops. Plus, industry experts answer your questions and give you the info you need to live your smartest life. Earn a degree in time well spent.