You'll Learn To:

Learn the Lingo

Crypto isn’t too hot for you to handle. We’ll start by explaining exactly what digital currency is, and then define the most common terms, coins, and more.

Take a Vibe Check

Just because everyone’s talking about crypto, doesn’t mean it’s right for your portfolio. Our personalized checklist will help you check yourself before you….well, you know.

Be Basic

(Just this once). We’ll give you a step-by-step guide to how to invest in crypto, including where to buy it, how to store it, and how it’s taxed (because yes, it is).

Meet the Speakers

Founder of SheFi
Maggie Love
Maggie Love is the founder of SheFi, empowering women and non-binary people to take ownership of their financial freedom through crypto education, investing, and community. The promise of blockchain to build more inclusive and accessible financial systems is what initially inspired Maggie to join the cryptosphere in 2016. She is also co-founder of W3bCloud, a joint venture focused on deploying computer infrastructure for Web3 protocols.
Bitcoin Educator, Podcaster, Founder of Guidefi
Charlene Fadirepo
Charlene Fadirepo is a banker, a former US Federal regulator, and a Bitcoin activist with 15 years of experience in the traditional finance world. She teaches Bitcoin and cryptocurrency courses for retail investors through her company, Guidefi, and supports institutions through her consulting firm, Mango Digital Strategies. Charlene is a co-author of the best selling Bitcoin policy book, “Bitcoin & the American Dream,” and the author of a Bitcoin children’s book called “Sade’s Satoshis.”
Moderated by theSkimm's Senior Producer and Host of "Skimm This"
Alex Carr
Alex Carr is the Senior Producer and Host of "Skimm This," theSkimm's weekly news podcast breaks down the stories that matter most to millennial women. During her time at theSkimm, Alex has interviewed experts and newsmakers such as Vice President Kamala Harris, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and more. Prior to joining theSkimm as an Associate Producer three years ago, Alex started her journalism career working in broadcast television at the “CBS Evening News.”

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