Meet Dr. Rebecca Robbins

Sleep Scientist

Dr. Rebecca Robbins is an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Scientist at Brigham & Women's Hospital. In her research, Dr. Robbins develops interventions that use marketing techniques to improve population sleep health. Her research has appeared in the New York Times and the Financial Times, and Dr. Robbins has made appearances on “The Today Show” and “Live! With Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.”

Meet the Panelist, Dr. Nishi Bhopal

Psychiatrist & Sleep Specialist

Dr. Nishi Bhopal is board certified in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine. Through her training in Integrative Medicine and personal experiences with yoga and meditation, she blends the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. Dr. Bhopal is the founder of IntraBalance, an online platform providing education on sleep and mental health, and Pacific Integrative Psychiatry, a private practice in San Francisco. She's on a mission to make mental wellness and the science of sleep easy to understand and accessible to all.

What Pro Tips You'll Hear

Don’t try to adapt to a life with less sleep.

The CDC recommends that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. And that includes you.

Go for quality, not just quantity.

Quality sleep means your body is resting well enough to go through the different stages of the sleep cycle, which is when your body recovers, rebuilds, and strengthens itself.

Get ready for bed all day long.

Because the daytime impacts your bedtime. Get enough sunlight and cut caffeine early. And you’ve heard it before, but don’t bring your phone to bed.