Meet Wendy & Jess

MS, RD, CDCES & Founders of Food Heaven

Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones are nationally-recognized Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators, and founders of Food Heaven, an online resource dedicated to exploring the intersections of nutrition, food, wellness, culture, and body image. With over 2 million downloads to date, their popular “Food Heaven Podcast” deep dives into topics like evidenced-based nutrition, Health at Every Size (HAES), food & culture, and more.

Meet the Panelist, Dalina Soto


Dalina Soto is a Spanish speaking registered dietitian. Dalina works as one of the few Spanish speaking RDs in the Philadelphia area and virtually across the country, teaching her clients how to ditch the diet mentality and keep their culture alive.

What Pro Tips You'll Hear

Give yourself permission to eat foods that bring you joy.

You’re only going to crave the foods you love more if you abstain from them. Eating them in moderation is better than not eating them at all — for your body and mind.

Don’t obsess over goals.

Developing a better relationship with food is a process. Whatever your goals are, it’ll take time to reach them. Reminder: No matter where you are, you’re doing just fine.

Skip strict diets. Most of them fail anyway.

Research suggests that most people who try to lose weight through diets will gain some of it back within 12 months. Try swapping counting calories and fad dieting with intuitive eating.